Stephen Prange
February 7, 2014

Hello All!!

It has been a while since I updated this. Still working on getting a new website up and running for my main page. I have an awesome web page up and running and in development for my series, Heirs of Discord! You can see that here...

Also I had a video review posted today on Read This, a book review show on Youtube. Here is the link!

I will keep working on getting the new website up and running and also on getting more books in the Heirs of Discord series out! Look forward to book 3, White Locks! Coming soon :)

Keep dreaming and reaching for those dreams!


October 28, 2013

Hello All!!

Happy news today! The second book in the 'Heirs of Discord' series, Black Omens, has been released!!

The book is available on Amazon:

The book is also available on Barnes&Noble:

The book is not yet available in e-book format, but I will update as soon as it is! It shouldn't be more than a week or so, they are converting it now :)

The other way to get the book is through bookstores and in person! Here is the information you need to make that happen:

If you would like to order the book from a local bookstore, you can do that too! All you need is the ISBN #, which is: 978-1-62857-084-7. I remember my publisher telling me they have printers in Europe, Australia and the US. So hopefully it will be easier to get them in those areas, if you want to go into a book store and have it ordered in.

I have an order form that can be printed off and brought with you if you want to go to a book store. Or at the very least it details the information needed for a book store to order the book. Just message me and I will email you the form! But all you should need is, Title: Black Omens, ISBN: 978-1-62857-084-7, Publisher:
SBPRA - Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency

I will keep you updated as the book becomes available in more places! It has only just been released!

Please feel free to share this and help me reach a goal of selling 1000 books! If I can sell 1000 books, my book will receive a lot more marketing and help from my publisher! It would mean a lot to me to reach that goal, so please share with your friends, tell them about the first book! Let them know about the release of this one. I think you will really like it!

I hope you all iike the book! It should answer a lot of questions that the first book left you with :)


September 19th, 2013

Hello All!

Coming Soon! The publication is almost finished! Look at that amazing cover!


August 26, 2013

Hello All!

Just a quick update from me :)

My new website is being built, which will make it easier for me to update here and to log my previous posts, instead of having them all on the front page! I can put links and log them so you can click and read them late if you want.

But more importantly! My second book is about to be released! Black Omens is coming very soon. The last stage is getting the cover finished and then the press release stage! So, very excited and I hope you are too! I have used a lot of !'s today :P

Sorry for small note, but hopefully with better website up and running, I will be able to blog a lot more and keep you updated on how the books are coming and even some of the things I am up to.

Remember, always reach for the sky! Your dreams are not just dreams, work hard for them and reach for them.


February 2, 2013

Hello All!

Sorry I have not been able to write more on this site. I am getting a new website built, one that will be easier for me to update and blog a little. So I can update it a few times a week, hopefully! *fingers crossed*

But for now, until I get the new website built, I am going to keep using this one. And the front page is getting long, so I don't want to keep updating and making it longer, longer and longer :P

Right now I am working on getting some bookmarks and posters done for my book, so I can be a little more aggressive in getting out and contacting book stores and trying to get some book signings organized! I will upload some pictures when they are completed :)

Keep the dream alive!


December 4, 2012

Hello Everyone :)

I hope everyone has had a fantastic holidays so far! I know Thanksgiving isn't celebrated around the world, but it is a great day to celebrate being alive and being blessed.

I had a good Thanksgiving. I made Chocolate Covered Cherries - an annual tradition for me for Thanksgiving. This year I made 84 chocolate covered cherries and made my own boxes. The boxes were made through folding, like origami. I think they really turned out pretty well. But then I realized, I didn't take any pictures. I will make sure to take some pictures next year and share how it looks.

For Christmas I make sugar-cookies and am going to go crazy with frosting decoration this year. Going to try and actually make the sugar cookies look good! Last year was a pretty bad failure with the frosting, so I hope I learned a lot and do a much better job. But that is why I bought lots of piping bags :P So I can do all different colored frostings at the same time.

I am nearly finished with editing the second book! Work on the second cover has begun and hopefully I can get the publishing started soon. Work on the bookmarks for the series is also going well and I am getting a display case printed up so I can get some book signings started and get my books into book stores. I really hope to get it out to as many people as possible and that they like my story. I guess I just have to keep working hard!

So always remember, don't forget your dreams! Work hard and never give up. They sound like cliches but they are really real. Don't forget about what you love, and work hard to get there.


Hello All!

November 10, 2012

Work continues on my final round of editing for Book 2. I am about halfway done, will try to get a lot more done today.

Tomorrow is going to be my anniversary! Not for marriage or anything like that ;), but my anniversary of being alive. 11/11 is the day I had my car accident that nearly killed me. So every year, I just remember that and be thankful I am still alive. Not only am I alive, but I am pretty blessed by how well my doctors worked and restored everything to me. I didn't lose any limbs, I recovered from my brain injuries and all I have left are scars. So I am incredibly lucky and so celebrate this day every year. 11/11, a day I will never forget :)

Hope everyone is having a good day today! Live for your dreams and one day you will get there. I still have a long way to go for my dreams, but the first steps have happened and now I have to just keep trying.

I hope I get the next book out for all those who liked the first one, working hard to make that happen. But while you are waiting, let someone else know about my book. Talk to a friend, get a copy for family, help me build awareness about my series :) It is appreciated! One day, I hope that the series becomes well known, but for now I can only keep working hard.


October 23, 2012

Hello Everyone!

It has been a little while since I made my last update. I have been working hard to try and get the book out there and into as many people's hands as I can. The more people who read it and get to know my work, the more I can help get the books out there and eventually into every bookstore in the world! :)

I am hoping to start the process of publishing my second book, called 'Black Omens', shortly. I am getting the cover started, desgined and drawn, and then will start the publication process. I really hope everyone is going to enjoy the second half of Ebon's story :)

Halloween is coming up very soon! Only like a week away now! I am excited, I like the candy on halloween ;) So go and have some fun on a great holiday and look forward to the release of my second book.

The press release for the first book has just gone out, so I hope a lot more people will be able to see A Blade of Dark Ebony and be welcomed into the series. I have a name for the series, but am torn between two different ways of saying it. I will put it up when I have come up with a way to say it. I will try to post more so I can keep you updated! Sometimes I can go weeks without news and get a little discouraged, but I will try to make more of an effort, even if it is just an update on my writing. I have just finished writing book 7, so now I am updating book 2 and getting it ready for publication and then will start writing book 8.

Thanks for coming to read! I hope everything is going well for you :)


September 6, 2012

Hello All!

Today the book was released in the E-book format! It is available on Kindle, Nook and all other formats :)

For Kindle, I know these two links for Amazon and

For Nook, it is already directly linked to my book page! :)

The book will also be available every other way it is available :P, on I-pad and other things. I just don't know the links yet to share. But, search for "A Blade of Dark Ebony" and I am sure you will find it.

Thanks everyone for reading this! And remember, keeping fighting for your dream! You can only get there by trying and sometimes, it takes a while but it will be worth it. It took me 4 years to get published, but I never stopped trying and worked to get better and better and keep writing. And now my first book is out and I am so excited :) Thanks for your support!



August 24, 2012

Hello All!

The Video Trailer is finished and is on youtube. It will be distributed and go live next week. But thought I would try embedding it on this site for all to see. Let's see how I do ;)

Hope you like it. Gives you something to share to others if they are interested in what the story is going to be like, and Fantasy novels. Links are below to amazon and barnesandnoble!



August 14, 2012

Hello All!

The day is here! I have provided an image of the book cover here on the right ---> :)

If you click the image, it will take you to my publishing website where you can buy the book directly or go to a link to or barnes& Right now, my book is available on both and barnesandnobles!

Here is a link to the amazon page :)

**UPDATE (08/15/2012)**

The book is live on Barnes and nobles now too! Here is a link!

I am very excited about the book becoming available and wanted to share that with you :)

That is the actual cover of the book and you can check the other website for description and other information. Also, I wlil have more links in the future as some things are completed.

I hope you like the book!


**UPDATE (08/19/2012)**

I just realized that these sites will only really be good for North Americans. The book is also available on the UK Amazon site. Link is here!

For Australian fans, the best way to get it right now would probably be getting it from the publishing website. Click on the image above!

My book is distributed by Ingram books, who have printers in the US, UK and Australia. So the book will be printed in the country it was ordered from. Hopefully this makes it a little easier, and cheaper! to get the book :) Thank you for support!

Hello All!

July 15, 2012

Well, I finally got around to taking some photos, so I tried putting one up for now. Will try to put a few of them up on the Image Gallery as well.

News on the book publishing process. It is nearly complete. Just finishing up the cover and then going to print. So it is almost here! I will have an update when the printing happens at it is ready to be picked up :)

I hope you like it!


Hello Readers!

April 16, 2012

Well, it has been a really long time since my plans of taking a photo during Thanksgiving. Of course, I haven't taken photo yet :P But I am working ot make it happen. I will update it here before my book is finally published and I will try to keep updated photos after that.

So, what has happened in the last 6 months?

Good news! I finally got picked up by a publisher and am now working towards the release of my first book! Yay! *Waits for applause* *Keeps waiting for a long time* :P

I hope people like it when it comes out. For now, the name is "A Blade of Dark Ebony" by Stephen Prange. I will keep you updated on the date it is to come out :) For now, it is in the production stages and I have no set date yet. But hopefully soon! It has been a really long time.

Thank you for stopping by the site and I hope you will give the book a chance. When it is released, I will open the forums and hopefully have a place for everyone to talk :) Until then! Keep hoping and dreaming!


October 30, 2011

Hello Readers,

My plan to write much more often on this website has not worked as well as I had planned, as you can notice from the dates :P  But, until my books are published and I actually have a use for this website and for people to come here, there doesn't seem much of a point in updating it. I will at least try to get a photo of myself up there in the top right around thanksgiving. No better time, right?

As for updates on how the books are coming... Right now they are being printed and mailed to 10+ publishers in what might be my last round of publishers until I am forced to go the route of self-publishing just to get it out there :)  But, I hope that one of these publishers reads the book and likes it! I know the people who read it and give it the time will really like it so I hope they really give me a chance. Guess that means it will be 2-3 more months until I hear back from them all. But, maybe earlier if one of them reads it and likes it. When I do get some news, I will post it up here and when I have a date the book will be available I will post that too.

Until that time I will just keep writing and keep dreaming. Never lose the dream!


September 17, 2011

Hello All!

I have decided to start updating my website as much as I can. Most of the pages are going to stay the same until I can get my first book published, but I am hoping that is soon! I will just have some random thoughts, and I will try to put on a comments section at some point so people can respond to these postings. But since there aren't going to be many people yet, I have time to figure it out :P If you want to leave a comment, feel free to sign my guestbook and leave a message :) Right now I am just clearing it from the pron sites being left there, lol.

So, what should I say with my first post? Am not sure. I am still writing, despite my first book not being published yet. I am close to finishing book 3 right now! Only 8 chapters to go. Then I can go back and do some editing and then start on book 4, the last really important one before everything comes together. I really hope everyone enjoys the books :)

Oh, up the top right, will have a picture of me one day, when I take a nice picture and put it up there. For now, that is my sister's cat 'Roscoe'. He is famous. Although he is A LOT bigger than that right now, lol. He grew up very fast.

Thank you for stopping by! I will add a page to keep all these silly posts in here, maybe set it up as a little writing blog so i can keep you updated on how my books are going. Wish me luck!